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Which Harry Potter Boy Are You Made For?
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You are puppy love. You are very shy and awkward
when it comes to relationships. You need a lot
of time before you make decisions and you are
very afraid of being hurt. People like you
because you are nice and always there to listen
when they need you. Your crushes may overlook
you because you are so shy and never come off
as anything more than a nice kid. You probably
had your heart broken at least once, but you
haven't given up yet. Hang in there, you'll
grow out of you're awkwardness and shyness and
meet someone just right.

What Type Of Love Are You?
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You are a Persian! You are quiet, gentle, and
loving, though sometimes you need extra
attention and care. Some might call you high
maintenance, but you just need to be pampered.

What breed of cat are you?
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A Rough Stretch

You've come upon a Rough
you make it through? You've come upon hard times.
Things aren't looking so good
to you and your life has seem to collapse into a
downward spiral. You've lost
your way and can't seem to find the right path to
take. You are probably
depressed and feeling lonely as you've lost sight
of those who love you. You may
wander through this road with a few others like you
and are able to comfort them
as they comfort you, but it is not enough. You've
lost something, maybe someone
close, and with it you lost your faith in life.
You're probably confused and
unsure what to do next. But the way will become
clear eventually. It always
does. This stretch that lies before you seems
never-ending and not worth
traveling. But don't let yourself fall, you may
have stumbled upon this,
but pick yourself up as best you can and hold on to
that little bit of faith you
have. The road isn't as endless as it seems. All
things, good and bad must come
to and end. This too shall pass and you'll be
amazed at what good lay beyond it
if you just find the strength within yourself to
try and make it.

What Path Do You Take In Life? [X]For Guys and Gals! Pics and Lengthy Results.[X]
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The Feline:

The Feline is the symbol for Independence. You
have a soul of a Cat inside you, which reflects
a sensitive and independant behavior.

Strengths: Normal routines are common in this
lifestyle as the Feline doesn't enjoy being
brought upon something new because of this calm
nature. The Feline is never really seen with
many friends because of the indepenence it
takes. A high awareness, overly observant, is
also common. Some may call you an outcast at
times, but you always seem to fit in wherever
you are needed.

Flip Side: The past is like the present for you.
The memories of long ago, good and bad, haunt
your mind, and regret is always on the fringes
of your thoughts. You can be very sensitive and
shy when it comes to certain topics, and even
around people.

Congratulations! You have a Cat inside!

What's Your Inner Beast? [pics]
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